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Mr. Clarkson has tutored my daughter for four years. Not only have I seen her skillset improve, but her love for her instrument was nurtured. She comes out of every session happy and looks forward to the next one! She is more willing to put forth effort because of his encouragement. He also takes time to give students opportunities outside of class. My child has played in the park, at the community center, and at the mall. Mr. Clarkson is amazing at what he does!
Posted By: Suzanne Thompson, Physics Teacher and proud mother
Mr. Clarkson agreed to give my son, Connor, violin lessons when Connor was 5 years old. Mr. Clarkson was kind, patient, and he was very firm when it came to Connor’s music lessons. He expected Connor to do his homework and he was expected to show that he did his lessons at the next class. Mr. Clarkson made lessons fun by introducing popular songs like “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “You Are My Sunshine”. He encouraged Connor to be the best he can be at any given time. He took Connor to play music with older students, and that made Connor want to be like them when the time came. Mr. Clarkson shows his love of music and for his passion in playing the violin and it is contagious. The feeling seems to show in his students. I say students, because I have attended many functions where his students gave concerts. He takes his students to play at Nursing Homes, at the airport, and other community venues. This shows his devotion, not only to his music, but also his commitment to use music to enrich the student’s life and those who enjoy music. I would recommend Mr. Clarkson for any student who is excited about music and playing the violin. My son has enjoyed his violin lessons from Mr. Clarkson. In addition to private lessons, Mr. Clarkson is also the orchestra instructional aide at Harker Heights High School. My son continues to learn from Mr. Clarkson at the high school level.
Thank you for the opportunity to give this endorsement for Mr. Clarkson.
Posted By: Tina Atkins
Mr. Clarkson is so much more than a violin teacher. He is a mentor, a father figure and has a great sense of humor. My son looked forward to his violin lessons because he knew the lesson would be fun. Mr. Clarkson gave JC the confidence he needed to venture out and become a solo performer. He is a blessing to our family and will forever be special to us.
Posted By: The Mom of JC Stringz

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